Yunyun Wang is a dual-degree candidate at Cornell University studying information systems engineering and government. She is passionate about data privacy rights and believes technology can be a great equalizer when implemented correctly. 

She founded State of the Pod in 2019, Cornell’s student-driven podcast production committed to covering the emerging developments in science and tech while promoting digital literacy and greater discourse on science issues.  

As a first generation immigrant growing up in southern Virginia, Yunyun has witnessed first hand how lack of broadband access can prevent rural communities from achieving economic growth and leveraging the potential of technological advancements. She has also been deeply encouraged by the power of community engagement and strives to advocate for more affordable broadband access. 

This desire to help rural communities led her to work with US Ignite, a non-profit smart city incubator, which first originated from the Office of Science and Technology under the Obama Administration. The incubator is committed to leveraging smart gigabit applications to help spur on economic growth for rural communities across the US. 

Yunyun is excited to build VotePlan2020 and ensure every American has a vote plan this election season. Most of all, she strives to continue being an active and engaged citizen while promoting open and engaging discourse through podcasting.