The Vote Plan 2020 Podcast will release new episodes every Monday and Thursday beginning August 10th. 

Our overall Goal is to have every single eligible America make a plan to vote on or before election day.

Each Show will feature an interview with a candidate or an elected official, a Q&A with the elected with one of our correspondents, an inspiring message, an interview with an influencer, athlete, or thought leader where they tell us why this election is important to them and we conduct a Vote Plan session.

The Vote Plan 2020 Podcast has a few big goals

  1. Teach people how to have a voting plan conversation.
    • By modeling Vote Plan 2020 conversations with a variety of people, we will give every day citizens the vocabulary and confidence to try to have this conversation with their own friends and family.
    • By teaching people how best to pull up the information needed to fill out their voting plan, voters and volunteers will become more comfortable navigating the digital systems to find out identification requirements, polling locations, election rules, etc.
  2. Teach voters, volunteers and candidates about how to communicate across generations, focusing on Generation X and Generation Z voters.
    • Generations, cultures, and people have different wants and differing styles of communication. We can help bridge that gap with skilled communicators who come from these and the other generations to talk with each other.
  3. Provide positive educational entertainment for campaign volunteers and voters.
    • We’d like to feature interviews and questions that are genuinely getting to the heart of why someone does what they do and why they love it. This will feel somewhat like “Tom Bilyou4’s Impact Theory Podcast.”
    • The segments that provide insight on each  campaign’s position on the issues bring more awareness to aspiring volunteers about working for candidates and campaigns and encourage people to get started by seeing a path for themselves.
    • The Marquis Message will give an opportunity to spotlight and highlight the powerful yet kind mind of the founder.
    • We will emphasize great discussion and useful communication techniques rather than the combative and rapid fire engagement people are becoming accustomed to on TV.
    • We want to be the people that we want our nation to become.