Going Postal – Know Your USPS

VotePlan.US sent filmmaker Brutt Dale (@bruttdale) to plunge the DEEPEST caverns of the deep state, to creep into the DARKEST corners of the dark web, and into the SHADOWIEST shadows of the 5G-fueled-mind-control-other-webs to BRING YOU THE TRUTH. This is the REAL STUFF the govern-MENTAL PATIENTS don’t think YOU deserve to know. Watch it ONLY if you ARE READY for FACTS about the USPS!

The Morning After Series

Cait, make-up artist from Kentucky, tells the story of her 2016 election experience leading up to election night and the morning after.

Diana – businesswoman and former mayor – speaks to her 2016 voting hopes and watching the election night unfold.

Kincaid – actress, writer, producer – describes her 2016 election experience and the morning after.

Marquis – Founder of Voteplan.us – tells us about the morning after election night 2016 and the impact on the community around him.

Michelle – librarian and activist – describes her experience as a new mom during the 2016 election.