Marquis Olison earned his way to Northwestern University by winning science, math, and speaking competitions. Coming from a blue-collar family, Marquis worked his way through college setting up operating and database systems for Northwestern University’s Applied Mathematics Department and the McCormick School of Engineering. He also served two terms as Dorm President while writing and producing shows for the African American Theater Ensemble.

A restless polymath and a relentlessly positive collaborator, Marquis has made a lasting impact at nearly every place he’s worked. In 2003, he reimagined the customer toner supply process for all of the Konica Minolta Business Solutions branches in the Southern California region. As the Marketing Manager for Babysitters Productions, Marquis transformed two-time Daytime Emmy Nominee Brad Sanders’ multi-million dollar urban radio content into digital webisodes. Inspired by fellow Chicagoan Barack Obama, Marquis produced fundraisers, set up field offices, and ran “Camp Obama” workshops, raising thousands of dollars and training hundreds of volunteers. He later served as the DNC Volunteer Coordinator for California, where he delivered well-received speeches opening for Jamie Foxx, Governor Jerry Brown, Senator Barbara Boxer, Dr. Jill Biden, First Lady Michelle Obama, and President Barack Obama. 

After his stint in politics, Marquis dove headfirst into the intersection of community and technology. As the Los Angeles City Field Manager for, Marquis developed the strategy, drew the maps, and spearheaded municipal partnerships for the private social networking startup. At 

Airbnb, Marquis served on the Los Angeles leadership team that developed the host training and engagement strategy used to lobby municipal governments around the country. For the media and technology non-profit Common Sense Media, Marquis taught parents how to engage California Legislators to speed passage of digital safety and privacy laws. Marquis also had a foray into entertainment, working as an associate producer for The Jerry Springer Show, serving as the Director of Hollywood Creative Partnerships for Common Sense Media, and starring in a comedy sketch on Jimmy Kimmel Live. His training in improv keeps him open to new possibilities while staying committed to the task at hand. Marquis most recently worked with Governor Deval Patrick’s 2020 Presidential Campaign as the Deputy National Digital Organizing Director.