Frankie G. is a former academic with 2.5 college degrees & 2.5 lifetimes of debt. He fled the crumbling ivory tower for the simple, lucrative life of an entertainer. His academic background is in 

Economics, Political Science, & the History of Health Sciences, which has become suddenly & tragically relevant. He also spent several years in student governments at two different institutions, giving him an up-close look at the rotten core of American higher ed.  Nothing radicalizes someone quite like seeing an administrator roll up to campus in a vintage Phantom while the school furloughs professors!
With hundreds of hours spent onstage trying to make folks laugh with improv, sketch, & talk shows, he made the jump to streaming & podcasting after the plague ended live entertainment in America. His streams are beautiful & clean, like gentle rain on a 1080p afternoon.
In joining VotePlan, he marries his intense passion for/rage at American politics with the desire to do something useful about it. He also enjoys creating user documentation, providing gentle reminders about eyelines, & writing stuff about wizards.