Bri Nichols is a motivational speaker with experience working with diverse populations. Seeing the desperate need for hope and help in her community, Bri founded the Resilient Roses Respite Corp. The mission of her organization is to provide opportunities for youth to acquire skills through mentoring, workshops, and volunteering.

Bri has served her community as a volunteer and  as a member of the Brockton NAACP chapter. When Covid-19 pandemic crashed down upon Massachusetts, Bri took initiative identifying at risk members of Brockton and delivering food to hungry families. Her selfless work saved the lives of several older and high-risk citizens who were afraid to leave their homes.   

Bri is a certified Human Rights Officer through the Department of Mental Health, a Registered Behavior Technician in Applied Behavioral Analysis, and holds a degree in Human Services.

Bri’s work with VotePlan.US is to help bring the social media brand to life carrying the mission of everyone casting a vote on or before election day.