Mission: The Mission of Vote Plan 2020 is for every single eligible voter in America to have a physical plan in their hand which walks them registering, voting, and getting their vote counted on election day.

Vision: We will teach everyone how to have powerful conversations around the importance of voting and building a plan for election day. By modeling conversations around listening, understanding, and diffusing conflict, we will teach everyday Americans how to organize their friends, family, and community.

Values: Seek to understand before being understood. Strengthening communities by building trust. Breathe through the challenges of a difficult conversation. 

Strategy: A twice weekly podcast/ digital show hosted by Marquis Olison featuring (i) an interview with a Democratic Candidate, (ii) a celebrity interview and vote plan session, (iii) interviews with campaign professionals, and (iv) an inspiring message from a Guest about issues at stake. We will distribute a Vote Plan that anyone can download, fill out, and keep handy (for example, place on their refrigerator).