Miles Stroth – Improv Teacher & Owner Pack Theater

Miles Stroth & Marquis Olison


Marquis interviews Miles Stroth, Owner of The Pack Theater in Los Angeles. Marquis & Miles explore listening as a means of having better political conversations, improv games to build agreement within a family, the history of improv, and the work The Pack Theater is doing to make a more diverse and inclusive community. They also talk about how the world of improv will impact the world of politics. They also philosophize about religion.


Miles Stroth began his study of improvisation in 1987 at the famed Second City Theater in Chicago. In 1990 he began working with Charna Halpern and Del Close at the then ImprovOlympic, now IO in Chicago. Miles has been associated with the IO, teaching, performing, directing, ever since. Wanting to express his own unique perceptions of the work to students, Miles opened The Miles Stroth Workshop in 2007.

Miles was a member of the seminal improv team The Family, whose members included Adam Mckay, Matt Besser, Ian Roberts, Neil Flynn and Ali Farahnakian. The Family, directed by Del Close, created and introduced into the improv world The Deconstruction and The Movie forms. Miles had the privilege of working with the late Del Close for eight years. Del saw the improv community as a tribe with himself as the Mojo Man and referred to Miles as his Warchief.

Miles has been performing weekly since 1992 and has performed in well over 1000 long-form shows. Miles has created or had a hand in creating many of the long-forms that play around the country today. Among them, The Armando, The Deconstruction, The Movie, The La Ronde and Two-Person Long-Form. Among the improv shows, Three Mad Rituals, Dynamite Fun Nest, The Armando Diaz Theatrical Experience, Movement and Hootenanny, Zumpf, Assscat, and Heather & Miles. If you want more on Miles, google him.

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