Vote Plan Episode 1: Troy Fritzhand, CEO of Ballot & Let Them Know

Troy Fritzhand – CEO Ballot


Marquis interviews Troy Fritzhand, the creator of Ballot, an application to help count Vote By Mail ballots. Learn about the vote by mail process and what inspired this company.


Troy Fritzhand is a mover in GovTech. Combining years of experience in business and tech with his international travel and volunteer work opened his eyes to the true purpose of entrepreneurship, and led him to start two companies with the goal of making a difference for millions of Americans of all backgrounds. Let Them Know was founded out of the fact that everyone has a voice, they just need a medium to share it. Ballot revolutionizes election processes and ensures counties have the ability to conduct elections quickly, efficiently, and securely. Both founded with his two brothers, Troy sees the value in creating tools and solutions that will tangibly impact society.

Ballot is a voter management and voter verification system that makes vote by mail election processes more efficient by automating the signature verification process. Ballot likewise ensures every vote can be counted quickly with a signature curing process that cuts the current process down from weeks to hours.

The website is and you can contact their founder and CEO Troy at or 516-637-1833.

Let them know can be found at

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